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By Larry Niven

Hardcover, 183 pages
Published January 1st 1984 by way of SteelDragon Press
original titleThe time of the Warlock

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She could maybe hide there, it wasn't far away. That was fortunate because she was getting too tired to continue much longer. There was a small patch of it north of the Gap Chasm, though its main mass was south. That little patch should be plenty. But what was the fastest way to it? She wasn't sure, and didn't have much time. But she saw a fully living man walking along, so she approached him. "Hi! " He shook her hand "I am Ayitym. I absorb one property of anything I touch " His skin turned dark, like hers.

No wonder she had gotten so suddenly cross. She stepped off it, and her temper subsided. Still, she felt that some of her ire was justified. It was high time that the Black Village started spreading out and interacting more with the rest of this magic land, which really had so much to offer. Then she saw the beautiful black horse. " she breathed. " she asked in a dreamlet. "Of course I can see you! You're pure black. You're the prettiest horse I ever saw. " Imbri was plainly taken aback. Breanna approached.

He called. "He says to get your sorry donkeys over there," a nearby rock translated helpfully.

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