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By Michaël de Verteuil

Many are the secrets and techniques of Sapientia Aetatum, an strange wintry weather covenant came upon contained in the partitions of an old Roman city. notwithstanding many think it dissolved some time past, in the future a messenger brings the participant magi a call for participation to go to. Lured by way of the chance of a political best friend and magical buying and selling associate, the avid gamers are drawn right into a internet of intrigue and hazardous entanglement with mundanes and the Church. All in their magical, investigative, and diplomatic talents should be required to discover a vanished wizard, hinder a pogrom from being unleashed upon innocents, and comprehend the secret of a saintly visitation. This event beneficial properties maps and outlines of the city, covenant, and plenty of characters, in addition to new ideas for Karaite magic, an strange culture springing out of the mysticism of a Jewish sect that has flourished at Sapientia Aetatum.

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Imbri was amazed; in all her one hundred and fifty years’ experience in dream duty, after her youth and apprenticeship, she had not seen anyone do this so readily. “So you really are a mare,” King Trent said, studying her in reality. ” “Yes. Not a nymph,” she agreed, projecting a spot dreamlet. “And you do not fade in my waking presence. ” “I am spelled to perform day duty,” she explained. ” The King stroked his beard. “I don’t believe I know of him. ” “No, sir. I think he is a Mundane. But he is clever and ruthless.

You go. I came only to free you,” he said, speaking more clearly now. He might be slow, but he did catch on with practice. ” Imbri was flattered and appreciative, though he was only telling the truth. She was as black as deep night because she was a night mare. But any notice by a stallion was a thing to be treasured. Nonetheless, she did have a mission and had to complete it without delay. ” “Come to the baobab at noon,” he said. “Nice tree. If I am near, I will be there. ” she exclaimed in the dream, shocked.

Ah—I have it. A quarter century ago, Bink and Chameleon and I entered Xanth below the Gap when we departed from the region of the isthmus, far northwest of here. We somehow traversed in perhaps an hour a distance that should have required a day’s gallop by your kind. qxd 2/15/2002 11:43 AM Page 30 30 Night Mare is a magic channel under water. The Horseman must have found it and somehow gotten by the kraken weed that guards it. We shall have to close that off, devious though it may be. ” He smiled.

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