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IFOR PI produced and made available illustrative material for journalists, such as photographs of IFOR activities and maps. It is unclear whether SFOR continued this practice. • IFOR/SFOR PI notified the press of incidents and significant events through press releases. Limiting Factors Several factors limited the effectiveness of IFOR/SFOR public information operations. For example, as in any deployment, PIO faced shortages of equipment and communications. Such shortfalls, however, did not significantly limit the PIO’s ability to conduct its mission.

Such shortfalls, however, did not significantly limit the PIO’s ability to conduct its mission. The SFOR HQ progressively marginalized the CPIO and other PI staff roles within the command group. This decreased the PIO’s contribution to mission accomplishment. The strong support the commander had given the PI did not seem to survive the turnover to LANDCENT. From then on, the CPIO interactions with the commander were limited primarily to formal morning meetings. More importantly, it also seems that the PI integration with other operational staffs (in particular the CJ3) decreased from AFSOUTH to LANDCENT.

Such a close relationship between the commander and the PI is all the more remarkable as it seemed to be relatively unusual. As Capt. Van Dyke put it: “I had never enjoyed so close a relationship with my commander in my previous assignments. ”47 Such an open and close relationship, however, did not seem to continue under SFOR. The SFOR CPIO had more limited access to his commander than his IFOR predecessor. The following changes in the CPIO/ COMSFOR relationship occurred: • The Chief PIO no longer enjoyed an open-door policy with his commander.

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