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...the definitive occupational drugs textbook for all thoseworking within the box or getting ready for examinations... covers suchtopics as 'biological tracking and genotoxicity', melanoma in theworkplace, male reproductive results, and so forth.

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Some individuals who have exposure to toxic materials will need to be entered into a programme of biological monitoring or some other form of surveillance and others will need to have a series of immunizations to protect them from hazards at work. It is best if any baseline tests which are done prior to continuous monitoring lung function tests for those exposed to sensitizers, for example - and work protection immunizations are carried out soon after the individual has started work, rather than at the time of preemployment screening.

The identity and concentration of possible impurities and degradation products should also be known. Largely depending on its chemical and physical properties, a toxicant will mainly induce either local or systemic adverse effects. g. strong acids and bases, or highly reactive compounds such as epoxides) primarily act at the first site of contact. Typical examples of effects occurring at the first site of contact are the severe burns on the eyes and the skin following a splash in the face with a strong alkaline agent, the gastric ulcers following the ingestion of a corrosive agent, and the inflammatory reactions in the respiratory tract following the inhalation of an irritant agent.

Irreversible tissue damage) when 27 applied as a single dose on the skin, or to the anterior surface of the eye. As with all other toxicity studies, this type of testing should be performed using common sense. 5 or above) agents for local toxicity on the skin and eyes, and if an agent has been shown to be corrosive to the skin, it seems rather pointless to proceed with an acute eye irritation/ corrosion study. The testing for local effects on the skin or eye is usually performed on albino rabbits (each animal serving as its own control).

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