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By J.M. Robson

The amassed Works of John Stuart Mill took thirty years to accomplish and is said because the definitive variation of J.S. Mill and as one of many best works variations ever accomplished. Mill's contributions to philosophy, economics, and historical past, and within the roles of student, flesh presser and journalist can not often be overstated and this variation is still the single trustworthy model of the entire variety of Mill's writings. every one quantity includes broad notes, a brand new creation and an index. a few of the volumes were unavailable for a while, however the Works at the moment are back on hand, either as an entire set and as person volumes.

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3 Mr. Wakefield is one of the most vigorous and effective writers of our time. But we do not think that this little volume gives an adequate notion of his merits. It is a book of fragments, and Mr. Wakefield, whether as a thinker or a writer, shines less in parts than in the whole. As a writer, his forte is general effect, while the means by which he produces it will not always bear a critical inspection. His thoughts, indeed, like all thoughts of value, might be exhibited, successfully, for some purposes, in small compass: but such is not his way of exhibiting them; he rather (and it is to this he owes the great success of his works) places a principle before us, clothed in properties and circumstances, than nakedly, and in the abstract he shows us the principle actually at work, makes us see how many things it explains, and even in how wide a sphere its influence is exerted.

3It was published anonymously by Bentley in 1833. , p. vi; the idea is developed passim. Jan. 1837 Wakefield's Popular Politics 789 uncultivated tracts of our ultramarine possessions, on the only rational plan possible--the plan which Mr. Wakefield invented, and which Parliament has adopted as the basis of the new colony of South Australia. 5 All this is done, and done most powerfully in the book: but comparatively little of the same power is apparent in the fragments now detached from it, because the effect depends on the concatenation.

The unheaded leader is described in Mill's bibliography as "A leading article, in the Globe of 22d June 1835, on Senior's Prefaceto the Foreign Communications (Poor Law Report)" (MacMinn, p. 44). THEVALUEof the recent poor law inquiry has not been confined to the important changes which it has been the means of effecting in our pauper legislation. In itself, and considered merely as an investigation of facts, it is eminently useful. It has afforded almost the first authentic and accurate information ever yet possessed on a subject which has so long been a theme of acrimonious controversy, and which must always be of the deepest interest--the condition of our labouring population.

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