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11. JAPAN Apparently Japanese special service units do not exist. Each officer is expected to inculcate, through example and precept, the Japanese martial ideals of bravery and perseverance. 'More than 60 pamphlets on seishin ("morale" or "spirit") are issued to assist officers in this aspect of their work. 12. ITALY Troop morale in the Italian Army is the direct responsibility of unit commanders. Dissemination of propaganda within the army is the responsibility of the Ministry of War. 13. RUSSIA The former Political Commissar organization having been altered by a decree in October 1942, the commanding officer is now assisted by the Assistant Commander for Political Affairs.

HOME TIES a. General All armies attempt to relieve their members of anxieties which are caused by absence from home and family. The principal methods are: (1) caring for a soldier's family, and (2) maintaining an efficient postal service between the army and the home front. b. -One of the main contributions of the Nazi Party to the war effort is safeguarding the social welfare of the soldier's kin while he is in the service. , are all supposedly taken care of by special Party offices, among which the National Socialist People's Welfare Organization is the most important.

S. Presidential proclamations and some types of U. S. Army regulations. SPECIAL PROCEDURES 39 field. At corps and divisional headquarters there are usually libraries containing books and periodicals. -An effort is made to provide the "Lenin Corners" with books and newspapers. As previously described, these Corners are essentially centers of propaganda effort, being under the control of the Assistant Commander for Political Affairs of the unit. -The Army Welfare and Education Department collects and.

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