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By John Doolittle

Rhyming riddles increase scholars' associative reasoning. additionally improves spelling, vocabulary, notice use, and knowing of a number of notice meanings.

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Dr. Dooriddles Associative Reasoning Activities: Book A-1

Rhyming riddles enhance scholars' associative reasoning. additionally improves spelling, vocabulary, be aware use, and knowing of a number of observe meanings.

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That the lateral consonants (someĀ­ times called Hquids) show an intermediate REA, and may be described by this group of workers as being moderately encoded, lends support to this model. Uie Rigitt Ear Advantage and Acoustic Memory This line of investigation, showing an REA for encoded stimuli but not for less encoded stimuH, has some interesting implications for work on acoustic memory. A redundant "zero" suffix added to the end of a Hst of items reduces the extent of the recency effect for aurally preĀ­ sented words, as we have already seen, and this effect has been interpreted as evidence in favour of the notion of precategorical acoustic storage.

Inmiediate Storage of Verbal Stimuli To describe the effect of the stimulus suffix it is first necessary to describe the serial position effect in the recall of lists of words. When we present a list, the length of which exceeds the subject's memory span, the items which the subject fails to recall tend to be from certain positions of the original Ust. The final items typically are recalled slightly more successfully than the central items, and this is referred to as the recency effect, and it is this effect which concerns the operation of the stimulus suffix.

The ipsilateral suffix would thereby mask those parts of the Hst remaining in both stores at the time of presentation of the suffix. 34 A ttention and Memory and have the greatest possible effect upon recall of the final items. A contralateral suffix would mask only the acoustic information in the common store, leaving the ear-specific store unmasked. Some acoustic information could then be used when a contralateral suffix is present, but not as much as when no suffix is present, thus accounting for the differences between the ipsi-, contralateral, and no-suffix conditions.

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