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Kneel down between your partner's legs. New York has lots of rivers and waterways, so lubrication should not be an issue. As you lean toward your partner, insert your penis deep inside her warm, wet Erie Canal. Once you've fully penetrated, balance your weight on one arm while you use your other hand to massage and stimulate her Adirondack Mountains. Use a combination of deep and shallow thrusts to increase the arousal and heighten the anticipation. Thrust your penis deep into your partner's vagina.

Dangerous Intersection Day 12. Up, Down, and Sideways Day 27. Tying the Knot Day 13. Blow Your brains Out Day 28. Screwdriver Day 14. Not Your Parents' Missionary Day 29. May Cause Swelling Day 30. Back Seat Driver Touch Your Toes Calisthenics and sex at the same time? Well, not exactly! This position is great because it's both a rear-entry and a standing position. Ladies, you need to bend down and put your hands on the floor. True toe touches require your legs to be straight and your feet to be together.

Insert a finger or two into her vagina. When you feel the wetness of her arousal you'll know your fingers are definitely speaking her language. Leisurely work your finger up to her clitoris, spreading her labia apart as you go. With a couple of fingers, use a circular motion to massage around her clitoris. Finally, when you think your fingers have said enough, rub back and forth directly over the clitoris to bring her to orgasm. Your forgers might be talking, but your partner will be screaming!

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