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By Randy Williams

This quantity delves into the self protecting aspect's of Randy's shut diversity strive against Wing Chun. It covers highway strategies vs the jab, hooks, uppercuts, backfists, chokes, holds and in addition explores wing chun groundfighting. integrated are also essays at the examine of strength, complex trapping, centerline idea, the concept that of "reference", and extra.

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Paradoxically, once the postures are learned the student does become more adroit, relaxed, pliable, and powerful than even the most optimistic might imagine. In circling, keep your knees bent and let your ankles touch as you walk. At first go very slowly and bring your rear foot suspended to your front ankle. After a slight pause, take the suspended foot forward and put it down. The orthodox school (Sun and most others) walked with feet separated and did not touch the ankles in advancing. Initially, the present method has the virtue of slowing the student down and makes for better stability.

215-221) FORM: Here we put to use the Hand Sword (Exercise No. 1). Go forward with your right hand under your left elbow as your right foot goes behind your left. Then take your left foot forward as you begin to hack. Let your waist lead you! 86 Your opponent grabs your left elbow in a defensive action. Step forward with your right foot behind your left foot and place your right forearm against your left triceps. Turning your right arm, grab his wrist and, retaining your hold, take your left foot forward and hack his throat with your left hand-edge.

FORM: 92 93 15. To UPHOLD (T'O) (Figs. 244-250) Toe-out your left foot as your left hand circles clockwise with the fingers down. Then squat and put your left hand by your left foot, right hand lower and in front of it, as your right foot comes forward on its toes. Pull back with both your hands and then circle them high and forward (the left hand held high, the right medium) as your right foot goes forward. FUNCTION : This is a defense against a kick. With his left foot forward, your opponent tries a right kick.

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