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By C. Gardner

An expressive discussion among Deleuze's philosophical writings on cinema and Beckett's leading edge movie and tv paintings, the booklet explores the connection among the delivery of the development – itself a simultaneous invention and erasure - and Beckett's makes an attempt to create an incommensurable house in the interstices of language as a (W)hole.

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An important first step is to realize that thought doesn’t presuppose thinking. Instead, thinking is created out of thought (engendered) and is opposed to Hegel’s recognition. Thinking is thus an encounter with its own aporetic paradoxes, an encounter that opens up the idea to the influence of the imagination and the libido, producing the ability to think the unthinkable of thought that defines the aporia as such. Here, imagination is forced to confront its own non-limit as the unimaginable and unnamable, the unformed or deformed nature, in short, a confrontation of the infinity of the sublime.

Deleuze, 1986, p. 76). but the clouds... and Nacht und Träume. In the case of Dziga Vertov, we discover a perception-image that conflates the gaseous perception of a molecular universe with the machinic apparatus itself (again, a theme not irrelevant to the use of the camera eye in Film). Thus the Kino-Eye of The Man with a Movie Camera (1928) couples together any point of the universe whatsoever, in any temporal order whatsoever: You’re walking down a Chicago street today in 1923, but I make you greet Comrade Volodarsky, walking down a Petrograd street in 1918, and he returns your greeting.

This is because the hero is rarely ripe for action: ‘like Hamlet, the action to be undertaken is too great for him. It is not that he is weak: he is, on the contrary, equal to the encompasser but only potentially. His grandeur and his power must be actualized’ (Deleuze, 1986, p. 154). Realist violence is thus active, constructive, and generative of change and the building of character. IV In Cinema 2: The Time-Image, Deleuze takes his Bergsonian and Peircean schema of the cinema one step further.

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