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By Malcolm Bull

A provocative highbrow attack at the iconic philosopher.
Nietzsche, the thinker likely against every person, has met with remarkably little competition himself. He is still what he desired to be— the limit-philosopher of a modernity that by no means ends. during this provocative, occasionally aggravating booklet, Bull argues that basically to reject Nietzsche isn't to flee his entice. He seduces via beautiful to our wish for victory, our creativity, our humanity. basically by way of ‘reading like a loser’ and failing to dwell as much as his beliefs will we movement past Nietzsche to a nonetheless extra radical revaluation of all values—a subhumanism that expands the limits of society till we're left with lower than not anything in universal.

Anti-Nietzsche is a refined and subversive engagement with Nietzsche and his twentieth-century interpreters—Heidegger, Vattimo, Nancy, and Agamben. Written with economic climate and readability, it exhibits how a politics of failure may swap what it ability to be human.

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Irreparable means that these things are consigned without remedy to their being-thus, that they are precisely and only their thus (nothing is more foreign to Walser than the pretense of being other than what one is); but irreparable also means that for them there is literally no shelter possible, that in their being-thus they are absolutely exposed, absolutely abandoned. o •... ::::J o >0:: o UJ :I: •... This implies that both necessity and contingency, those two crosses of Western thought, have disappeared from the post iudicium world.

One can think of the halo, in this sense, as a zone in which possibility and reality, potentiality an~ actuality, become indistinguishable. The being that has reached its end, that has consumed all of its possibilities, thus receives as a gift a supplemental possibility. This is that potentia permixta actui (or that actus permixtus potentiae) that a brilliant fourteenth- century philosopher called actus confusionis, a fusional act, insofar as specific form or nature is not preserved in it, but mixed and dissolved in a new birth with no residue.

This is all that is meant by the old theological doctrine of original sin. Morality, on the other hand, refers this doctrine to a blameworthy act humans have committed and, in this way, shackles their potentiality, turning it back toward the past. The recognition of evil is older and more original than any blameworthy act, and it rests solely on the fact that, being and having to be only its possibility or potentiality, humankind fails itself in a certain sense and has to appropriate this failing-it has to exist as potentiality.

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