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By Jonathan Xavier Inda

Content material:
Chapter 1 Colonial Governmentality (pages 21–49): David Scott
Chapter 2 Foucault within the Tropics: Displacing the Panopticon (pages 50–79): Peter Redfield
Chapter three Graduated Sovereignty in South?East Asia (pages 81–104): Aihwa Ong
Chapter four Spatializing States: towards an Ethnography of Neoliberal Governmentality (pages 105–131): James Ferguson and Akhil Gupta
Chapter five appearing felony Anthropology: technology, well known knowledge, and the physique (pages 133–157): David G. Horn
Chapter 6 technology and Citizenship less than Postsocialism (pages 158–177): Adriana Petryna
Chapter 7 Artificiality and Enlightenment: From Sociobiology to Biosociality (pages 179–193): Paul Rabinow
Chapter eight versatile Eugenics: applied sciences of the Self within the Age of Genetics (pages 194–212): Karen?Sue Taussig, Rayna Rapp and Deborah Heath
Chapter nine existence in the course of Wartime: Guatemala, energy, Conspiracy, Milieu (pages 213–247): Diane M. Nelson
Chapter 10 applied sciences of Invisibility: Politics of existence and Social Inequality (pages 248–271): Joao Biehl

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2005 6:26am Jonathan Xavier Inda 2003 Anthropos Today: Reflections on Modern Equipment. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Rose, Nikolas 1996 Governing ‘‘Advanced’’ Liberal Democracies. In Foucault and Political Reason: Liberalism, Neo-Liberalism, and Rationalities of Government. Andrew Barry, Thomas Osborne, and Nikolas Rose, eds. Pp. 37–64. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1998 Inventing Our Selves: Psychology, Power, and Personhood. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1999 Powers of Freedom: Reframing Political Thought.

Classrooms and prisons); and professional vocabularies (Miller and Rose 1990; Rose 1996, 1999; Dean 1999). Particularly important technical instruments are what Bruno Latour (1986) calls material inscriptions. These are all the mundane tools – surveys, reports, statistical methodologies, pamphlets, manuals, architectural plans, written reports, drawings, pictures, numbers, bureaucratic rules and guidelines, charts, graphs, statistics, and so forth – that represent events and phenomena as information, data, and knowledge.

However, he offhandedly dismisses this practice as a ‘‘rigorous and distant form of imprisonment’’ that achieved little as regards colonization or economy (1979: 272, 279). 2005 6:26am Analytics of the Modern prison. His basic argument is that the penal colony, as instantiated in French Guiana, constituted a negative form of governmentality. The logic of this argument is as follows. A key goal of French administrators was to foster the life of the penal population. They sought to achieve this end through arranging the social and physical environment in such a way as to favor the production of rehabilitated subjects capable of survival and proper self-management.

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