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By Geoff Thompson

This booklet explodes the myths approximately what does and what doesn't paintings in martial arts on today's risky streets. Geoff educates a reader in all points of 'pressure testing' the martial arts, making sure that procedure and personality healthy whilst it fairly concerns.

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Most trained fighters are still embryos in the womb of combat whilst the street fighter is fully matured. They control the duck syndrome with consummate ease and put most opponents out of the fight before they even know they are in it. They are fighting chameleons, adapting themselves to any given situation and changing their fight plan to better any fighter. If they are facing a fighter that is or appears to be a bit handy they may act weak or scared so as to mentally disarm them, then strike out fiercely when least expected to.

If I may use a metaphor, it is a propelling spiral that picks up momentum very quickly, and just as it seems to be reaching its pinnacle of speed, it starts, or at least it would appear to be, going backwards. So it is with the martial arts, in the beginning you are learning something new every session and improvement can be as fast as the aforementioned metaphoric spiral. All of a sudden your advancement seems to be slowing down and in some cases you seem, (like the spiral), to be going backward instead of forward, 40 Animal Day but it is only an illusion.

I’m not saying that it won’t work in ideal circumstances on the odd occasion or for the 9’s and 10’s (on a skill scale of 1-10, 9’s and 10’s are the cream of the crop, 2’s and 3’s the average practitioner) but in normal circumstances and for the average-good practitioner, very unlikely. In a real situation if you are not attacking you’ll be getting attacked. If you are facing more than one opponent, and waiting to defend, you are in even more trouble because multiple attackers do not stand in line waiting their turn to attack, they strike as one.

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