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Gesammelte Abhandlungen zur funktionellen Anatomie des Bewegungsapparates

Der vorliegende Band enthält speedy ausschließlich rein anatomische Unter­ suchungen, die sich jedoch aus Fragestellungen der klinischen Praxis ergaben und letzten Endes auch für den Praktiker bestimmt sind. Ihre chronologische Anordnung läßt die schrittweise Entwicklung der theoretischen Grundlagen erkennen und die allmähliche Abwendung von den älteren Anschauungen.

Sickness, Recovery and Death: A History and Forecast of Ill Health

This publication combines new study info with findings from present-day well-being surveys to check the heritage of sick wellbeing and fitness and its results in Europe and North the USA from the seventeenth century to the current, and to provide a few forecasts approximately destiny affliction premiums and tendencies. The ebook assesses the long-run pattern of disorder charges and gives a brand new interpretation of the heritage of affliction, hoping on ailment premiums instead of diagnoses of explanations of loss of life.

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Congress, indeed, was so little impressed with its own share of the responsibility for the conflicts among the medical officers serving the Continental Army that in June 1776, on the urging of the Virginia Convention, it created yet another hospital sys- 33 tem, this time in Virginia, headquartered at Williamsburg, where Dr. , returned 10 South Carolina, after informing Morgan that he would not be able to continue to help him. Congress, meanwhile, was harried and harassed by the number and seriousness of the problems with which it had to deal and by late 1776 was apparently running out of patience with both Stringer and Morgan.

He required each brigadier general to sit with his officers as a court of inquiry into the various complaints, talking to both the Director General and the regimental surgeons. On 20 September, after three such hearings, Church attempted to resign, but Washington urgently requested the doctor to consider the matter at greater length. position of Dr. "" The true reason for the postponement, however, was the discovery of a letter from Church to a British officer within Britishoccupied Boston. It had been suspected for some time that someone in the Provincial Congress of Massachusetts was informing to the British, but Church had explained his 28 own THE SUSpICIOU S ARM Y M E DIe A L 0 friendliness with an enemy officer as an effort to keep himself informed of enemy activities.

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