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By Margaret Weis

[/b]The paperback variation of the hole name in a brand new trilogy from Dragonlance surroundings co-creator Margaret Weis takes up the place the struggle of Souls sequence left off with the important personality Mina. whereas following her tale, this new trilogy additionally explores the chaos that's post-war Krynn. this is often Weis’s first solo trilogy within the Dragonlance world.

AUTHOR BIO: MARGARET WEIS is the writer of various Dragonlance novels, lots of them co-written with Tracy Hickman or Don Perrin, together with the big apple occasions best-selling conflict of Souls trilogy. She is additionally the writer of The Soulforge and the megastar of the mother or father novels and the fashion designer of many Dragonlance roleplaying items, together with the Dragonlance Campaign Setting.

Margaret’s most recent identify is Mistress of Dragons from Tor Books.

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In spite of her sleepiness, Terisa sensed an opportunity for information. ' The maid laughed delicately. 'I think not, my lady. Men say that the talent for Imagery is inborn, and that only those so born may hope to shape glass or perform translations. They believe, I'll wager, that no woman is born with the talent. But what is the need for it? ' From the stairs, they entered a wing of the immense stone building which Terisa hadn't seen before. Many of the rooms off the long, high halls seemed to be living quarters; and the people moving in and out of them apparently belonged to the middle ranks of the place-merchants, secretaries, ladies-in-waiting, supervisors.

Wait for me, Vagel,' he said in a high voice, like a child at play. 'I'm coming. Hee hee. ' Casting a wall-eyed wink at Terisa, he turned away and began rummaging through the clutter on one of his desks. The Master shrugged. Tilting back his head, he drank what remained of the wine and set the decanter down beside him with a thump. His eyes were starting to look slightly blurred, and two red spots on his cheeks matched the end of his nose. That was ten years ago, my lady,' he said in a glum tone.

Nevertheless the lines of his face became sadder and sadder. She was causing him pain which he didn't choose to explain. After a moment, she had to turn away, unable to go on challenging his peculiar vulnerability. The sound of someone knocking at his door came as a relief to her. The guard re-entered the room, bringing a woman with him. At the sight of her, King Joyse frowned involuntarily, as if he had made a mistake; but at once he rubbed his expression clear. 'Saddith. ' The woman was shorter than Terisa, with bright eyes, a pert nose, long brunette hair tumbling over her shoulders in natural waves, and a spontaneous smile.

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