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So this point of view is not only the reawakening of philosophy in general, but also the reawakening of the science of art; indeed it is this reawakening alone that aesthetics proper, as a science, has really to thank for its genuine origin, and art for its higher estimation. I will therefore touch briefly on the history of the transition which I have in mind, partly for the sake of the history itself, partly because in this way there are more closely indicated the views which are important and on which as a foundation we will build further.

2 Here Hegel's interpretation of Kant, like Schiller's, is based on a measure of misunderstanding. , translation of Hegel's Philosophy of Right (Oxford, 1942), ยง 124, of his Early Theological Writings (Chicago, 1948), p. 211, and H. J. ), pp. 48 and 84. , for one reader the moral of Goethe's Elective Affinities is approval of marriage, while for another reader it is disapproval (G. H. Lewes, Life of Goethe, bk. vu, ch. iv). In a work of art, as in life, the greater a man's character the more are different interpretations put on it by different people.

C) In fact art does have also this formal side, namely its ability to adorn and bring before perception and feeling every possible material, just as the thinking of ratiocination can work on every possible object and mode of action and equip them with reasons and justifications. But confronted by such a multiple variety of content, we are at once forced to notice that the different feelings and ideas, which art is supposed to arouse or confirm, counteract one another, contradict and reciprocally cancel one another.

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