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By Theodor W. Adorno

Theodor Adorno (1903-69) used to be unquestionably the major philosopher of the Frankfurt institution, the influential team of German thinkers that fled to the U.S. within the Nineteen Thirties, together with such thinkers as Herbert Marcuse and Max Horkheimer. His paintings has proved tremendously influential in sociology, philosophy and cultural idea. Aesthetic concept is Adorno's posthumous magnum opus and the fruits of a lifetime's research. Analysing the elegant, the grotesque and the attractive, Adorno exhibits how such suggestions body and distil human adventure and that it truly is human adventure that finally underlies aesthetics. In Adorno's formula 'art is the sedimented historical past of human misery'.

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The simplicity of these drawings doomed the lottery because they were not directed at all of man’s faculties, but only at hope. Hence a reform was needed and it took the form of the inclusion of some unfavorable tickets among the winners. This slight danger stimulated the public’s interest. At first fines were levied on those who drew unfavorable lots. Those who refused to pay were sentenced to a term in jail, and most opted for this alternative in order to defraud the Company, as those who governed the lottery had come to be called.

This is a reference to the critical idealism of Kant who held that the forms of space and time are provided by the mind to the matter out of which reason constructs the empirical world. They contend that a triangular or pentagonal hall is inconceivable, presumably because the apriori form of space forbids this. We will encounter a similar claim in Tlon, namely, that materialism is unthinkable since language forbids its conception. The mystics claim that ecstasy reveals to them a round chamber containing a great book with a continuous back circling the walls of the room; but their testimony, we are told, is suspect and their words obscure.

Once more, Borges is exhibiting the absurdity of making any discourse absolute. 33 It should come as no surprise that the classical culture of Tlon is comprised of only one discipline, psychology, and that all other disciplines are subordinate to it. This is not as wild as it might first appear. ”34 More recently, early in this century, we witnessed the proliferation of a psychologism which sought to reduce all the sciences, human or physical and mathematical, to psychological laws. It was against this psychologizing of logical and arithmetical laws that Frege and later Husserl (as a result of Frege’s criticisms) did battle.

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