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However, it suggests selective differences in the response of normally active chromatin in the eutopic producers and condensed, inactive chromatin in the ectopic producers to the action of butyrate (see Section VI). REGULATION OF GLYCOPEPTIDE HORMONE SYNTHESIS 41 TABLE VII EFFECTS OF BUTYRATE ON HCG SYNTHESIS IN CELL CULTURE HCG levels (mIU/106 cells) IV. 03 HISTONE MODIFICATION MEDIATED BY SODIUM BUTYRATE A. Current Concepts of Chromatin Structure The pleiotypic effects of π-butyrate on glycopeptide hormone synthesis (α-chain, HCG, and FSH), the enzymatic modulations, and the alteration in cell morphology at the light and electron microscopy level clearly indicate t h a t butyrate causes multiple and diverse changes in gene expression.

Morphological effects of sodium butyrate on HeLa 65 cells and the alterations mediated by cytochalasin-B and colcemid. (a) HeLa 65 cells grown in medium without additions (control). Cells are rounded and grow as adherent epithelial colonies, (b) HeLa 65 cells grown in medium with sodium butyrate (1 mM) for 48 hours. Cells are elongated with protrusions, (c) HeLa 65 cells grown in medium with sodium butyrate (1 mM) for 48 hours then cytochalasin-B (20 μΜ) was added for the subsequent 24 hours. 2 μΜ) was added for the subsequent 24 hours.

Chou (1978a) also examined «-chain secretion and the induction of increased «-chain synthesis by butyrate in 37 HeLa sublines and strains. Variation was found between different strains in the constitutive and butyrate-induced level of « subunit secreted. In all strains «-chain concentrations exceeded complete HCG and «-chain synthesis was greatly stimulated by butyrate. Ruddon's studies (1979) on «-chain subunit and HCG synthesis in HeLa cells grown with butyrate also support these findings. 0 16 15 430 1,450 a HeLa cells grown for 3 days in Waymouth's medium containing 10% fetal calf serum with additions of sodium butyrate as shown.

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