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By William S. Leigh

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I worked her through her pregnancy. Her back handled the extra weight with no unnatural discomfort. Getting Taller He was one of those tall ectomorphs—long, skinny legs, high, coat-hanger shoulders—and not much meat to work with. He loved running, and it was a major part of his life. There was a lot of pain for us to work through, and although he seemed able to run through the pain of marathon training, he was not particularly willing to work through it on the table. His first session was a real problem for us both.

I asked her how I could be Rolfing when I hadn't been trained. She then accused me of giving her secretary a hard time and causing problems for her staff. I had insisted they let me talk to her about being trained even though they said I was too old, had no medical degree, and was in terrible shape myself. We were getting quite loud so we moved to the other end of the lodge where we would be alone. Our discussion got hotter and hotter. We began pointing fingers. Ida shook her fist at me. Then she stood up.

Hour after hour we twisted, rotated, and lifted out arms in every con­ ceivable position. " At the end of the third day, Moshe asked Pritchard to stand by him as each student walked past. " After three days all of us, even Pritchard, proved Moshe right. Moshe's work at Esalen was so successful that he was invited to do workshops around the country. I decided to follow him. One day in our training in San Francisco, Moshe was acting cantanker­ ous, and he knew it. "What I need," he said, "is a young woman with dimples in her cheeks to take care of me," and he laughed and laughed.

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