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By Barnard E.E.

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190] reported on direct linking the Tibase thermodynamic database from CompuTherm and the kinetic software DICTRA to a two-phase field model for modeling growth of precipitates in the ternary system Ti–Al–V. Cha et al. [191] reported on coupling thermodynamic data to a two-phase field model. The only model that presently applies to multiphase transformations in multicomponent alloys is based on the multiphase-field model, initially developed by Steinbach et al. [192] and Steinbach and Pezolla [193] for unary alloys.

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An extension of the Cahn–Hilliard theory to nucleation in multicomponent phase separating systems is due to Hoyt [67]. Other important generalizations of the Cahn–Hilliard theory are the Hohenberg–Halperin [171] C-type field theoretic models in which the time evolution of the nonconserved structural order parameter is coupled to other fields of conserved dynamics. 37 38 U. Hecht et al. / Materials Science and Engineering R 46 (2004) 1–49 Probably the most important continuum model that is able to address simultaneous crystal nucleation and growth is the phase field theory.

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