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By Sandra A Thompson; Charles N Li; Joseph Sung-Yul Park

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1 Habitual/progressive [= DUR] What we are glossing DUR (for ‘durative’) in this grammar is the inflectional category expressing habitual or progressive actions. 1). Because both DUR and STAT can express what Comrie (1976) identifies as present, we do not use this label. Here are examples illustrating the use of the DUR suffix: A. 1 Tense and Aspect (2) ʔiʔi, cephi luče 33 poʔ - miʔ yes 3SG:NOM cig. smoke - DUR ‘yes, s/he smokes’ (3) (3) ah yekhe k'el - iʔ 1SG:NOM acorn:mush lick - DUR ‘I eat acorn mush’ (17) (4) cel' ah šawo tac' - miʔ then 1SG:NOM bread flat - DUR ‘then I flatten the bread’ (116) B.

Cephi k'u:wi: - yaʔ 3SG:NOM run - DUR ‘s/he’s running’ (o) 38 The Verb Phrase b. cephi k'uwey - khiʔ 3SG:NOM run - STAT ‘s/he arrived (somewhere) by running’ (369) (35) a. c'ic'a - t - i ho - yok'a: - laʔ bird - PL - NOM DIR - fly - DUR ‘the birds are flying around’ (369) b. sumi cic'a - t - i ho - yok'el - khiʔ yesterday bird - PL - NOM DIR - fly - STAT ‘yesterday the birds were flying around [but have now roosted]’ (13, 369) (36) a. cephi ew mehlah - šiʔ 3SG:NOM fish catch - DUR ‘s/he’s fishing’ (370) b.

Om - i šoy'i:ya: - khiʔ everywhere - NOM ‘it’s hot’ (211) b. om - i hot šoy' - - STAT iš - khiʔ everywhere - NOM hot - INCH - STAT ‘it got hot’ (211) (71) a.

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