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By Delinda Jasper

Ellie loves her fatherland, task, and ally Jake. yet Jake is a women guy that would by no means cool down. Ellie cannot stand to determine him with different girls anymore, so she is packing up and leaving Cedar Grove and every thing she likes to commence over. an evening of unforeseen ardour makes her begin to imagine perhaps issues can figure out among them, till she occurs upon a mystery Jake has been conserving for greater than a yr. Will their friendship be ceaselessly torn aside? Or will Ellie discover a cause to Stay?
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She wondered what he was thinking, feeling. But she couldn’t ask. She couldn’t speak at all for fear of breaking the magic spell that seemed to have entrapped them. So she lay there, half on top of him, listening to his heart beat, feeling his chest rise under her hand with every breath. She committed every sound, every smell and every sensation to memory. She had no idea what would happen next, but she would always have this moment locked away in her heart. After a while—Ellie had no idea how long—Jake’s breathing became shallow and regular.

He doubted if she even knew it was there. But he had. And tonight it had broken through with a wild abandon. She had an intense sensuality about her that he’d never—even in his wildest fantasies—dreamed existed, and he’d had some pretty wild fantasies about Ellie. But not even one compared to the reality of being with her. She took his breath away. At that moment Ellie looked up at him, a smile slowly spreading across the soft lips that had been so industriously occupied moments before. "Hi," she said, almost shyly.

Jake moaned in his sleep and a little thrill jolted through Ellie. ***** This was the most amazing dream. It wasn’t the first time he’d dreamed of Ellie going down on him. He’d dreamed of making love to Ellie in every position imaginable too many times to count. But this time it felt so good, so real. Her mouth, her tongue, it felt so glorious. Oh, yeah! Teeth nipped gently at his skin and his cock jumped again. Jake’s eyes flew open. This was no dream. He looked down and saw Ellie between his legs on her hands and knees, plump ass in the air, and her sweet, red lips wrapped around his cock.

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