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Gaard fibrous, often elongatedand cylindrical,becomingvery thin in front where it coversthe phragmocone. Seetion-L-AceIi, Bronn Without dorsalor ventralgrooves. -,'[ru ert t. Sultsectio \Yithout lateral furrows, but oftenchannelled at the extreme poirrt. (Exanrple-8. ucuarius. Lias. at i . - C'|oc* -8, \Yith lateral furrows. (Bxampte claaatus. -Gastrocmli" D' Orb,Secl Ventralgroovedistinct. L-Canaliculat,i: no lateralfurrows. (Bxample-3. canal'iculatusEubsection Inf. -Hastati : lateral furrows distinct.

Guenn. Rapidlytaperingto a blunt end,with obscurelateral forro**. The axis excessir-el,v short' Sectionsshorvthe substance of the guard everywhere nearlyof eclual thickness,like the fingerof a thick leatherglove. Proportions. The diameter,u d,heing takenat 100, the axis is of unexampled slrortnsss-|sss than 100; thus in form somervhatremindingus of Acanthoteutltis, though its textureis of the ordinarykind; transverse diameterlessthan tlie ventro-clorsaldiameter. especially towardthe apex. 38 BRITISH BELEMNITHS.

Re/erence. ) Guenn. Short, conoidal,taperingrapidly to a produced,submucronate, somewhat recurvedsummit,from which two broad,shallow,lateral furrows proceed,grorvingless distinct overthe alveolarregion. Transversesectionsshowthe outlineto be nearlycircular,but flattenedmore or less on the sides; the axis very excentrictowardsthe ventralface,and arched. Sometimes the dorsalaspectis widest,sometimesthe ventral; it is flattenedsometimes on the ventral of Voltz. ace,as in B. uentroplanus A sectiontaken lengthwaysshowsthe axis to be excentric,and archedin accordance with the reflectedapex.

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