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By W. T. Stace

The traditional Greek philosophers have performed a pivotal position within the shaping of the western philosophical culture. This publication surveys the seminal works and concepts of key figures within the historic Greek philosophical culture from the Presocratics to the Neoplatonists. It highlights their major philosophical issues and the evolution of their proposal from the 6th century BCE to the 6th century CE.

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Althusser believed that historicity was fundamental to knowledge, but he used the concept of historicity in a nonHegelian sense. Historicity, for Hegel, meant that history displays a telos, an immanent movement to Freedom, but for Althusser, historicity did not display a goal, an inevitable end, but merely the succession of theoretical paradigms. 32 Chapter One Das Kapital was the epistemology of the contemporary period, or the contemporaneity of the "epistemological break" rested on employing the paradigm of Das Kapital as the interpretive hypothesis of the present intervention.

A major theme in The Philosophy of Right was a search for a mechanism to recreate the spirit of the polis in modem forms, to reestablish the primacy of the community over the individual as a means to cement social cohesiveness, or the ethical. Although Marx did not know the early writings of Hegel, the material that became available to Lukacs, he was familiar with The Philosophy of Right, and it was from these pages that he surmised Hegel's approach to political The Historiography of the Hegel-Marx Relationship 15 Athens, as well as from the pages of The History of Philosophy.

Lukacs wanted to depict the proletariat as the true heir of Classical German philosophy ,(21) and in this intellectual strategy Lukacs followed in the tradition of Engels. The Young Hegel proved the obsolescence of History and Class Consciousness. The new materials that became available to Lukacs, Marx's The EconomicPhilosophic Manuscripts Of 1844, Lenin's Philosophical Notebooks, and Hegel's The System of Ethical Life, Jellaer Realphilosophie 1 and 11, as well as Hegel's extended commentary on Steuart and his knowledge of Adam Smith, became sources for the supersession of History and Class Consciousness.

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