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By Cope J.C.W., Duff K.L., Parsons C.F., Torrens H.S., Wimbledon W.A., Wright J.K.

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Avon: Bath area The Bath area has historical significance from the pioneer work of William Smith (Eyles 1969), which led to the Bathonian Stage being named after Bath (Donovan & Hemingway 1963, p. 38). When attempts were first made to define a stratotype for the Bathonian stage the Bath area was preferred for this reason (Sylvester-Bradley 1964; Cox 1964) but the difficulty of finding any permanent sections which could serve as a stratotype for the whole stage quickly became apparent. The view now prevalent amongst Jurassic workers in this country, that we should seek a typological definition for the base of each Standard Zone (see Cope et al.

Colln) (Arkell 1951-59, p. 196); Choffatia (Homeoplanulites) homeomorpha S. T. colln) and from near Whitevine Farm, Halstock, ST S01078 (IGS BW 1426); and Prohecticoceras costatum (J. Roemer) from Beer Hackett (Arkell 1951-59, p. 73). These records are all of hodsoni Zone age. e. The 'Middle FuUer's Earth Clay' has yielded no ammonites. It needs to be formally named. f. The Fuller's Earth Rock is well developed in the Sherbome area. The famous section at Troll Quarry (ST 594127), near Thornford (described by Torrens 1974a, p.

Comm. 1979). Farther north, near the Goole, West Cranmore (ST682417), characteristic brachiopods of the Boueti Bed were also found (BM BB 45401-4, Green & Donovan 1969, p. 26), demonstrating its occurrence this far north. c. The Fuller's Earth sequence is claimed as c. 48 m thick at Bonnyleigh Hill near Frome (Ponsford 1969) and 54 m at Batcombe (Woodward 1894, p. 238). SylvesterBradley & Hodson (1957) described the sequence in the Whatley area and divided the Fuller's Earth Rock into an upper Rugitela Beds, and a lower Ornithella Beds unit, the whole totalling some 6 m.

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