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Guidelines should exist so that trade is beneficial to all parties concerned and to the economy as a whole. In an economic democracy, resources are considered the property of the people of that socio-economic unit. Furthermore, one of the maxims of economic decentralization is that refinement and manufacturing should take place as close to the source of raw materials as possible. Hence, the export of raw materials is considered inappropriate in such an economic framework. An exporting socio-economic unit would lose valuable opportunities for the creation of new jobs and economic vitality.

The most fundamental economic aspect of PROUT is that the minimum requirements for all should be met. This will have the effect of restoring economic balance throughout the world, and will help to bring about true economic democracy. Clearly there are many potential problems and details to be worked out in this process. PROUT offers a broad overview leaving details to be worked out in the process of practical application. A world government becomes more desirable as an institution when coupled with economic democracy and decentralization because it provides the political means to achieve lasting peace and social synthesis.

Crop rotation results in less soil depletion, and ensures that land is productive year round, depending upon climate. PROUT advocates a system of sustainable agriculture and ecological balance. As far as possible, organic fertilizers should be used which maintain soil fertility. Advanced composting and plant combination techniques, along with a strong focus on research, will create considerable harmonious progress in agriculture. Many independent groups and individuals are developing and implementing techniques and systems such as organic and bio-dynamic farming, permaculture, microbial composting, radionics, and much more.

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