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By Baracco L., Zaitsev D., Zampieri G.

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However, for high SNR speech it might lead to undesirable speech distortions and, especially during speech pause, it might result in musical noise. It is therefore of prime interest to optimize the maximum attenuation (or minimum gain value) as a function of input speech SNR such that the LPC coefficients track the original LPC structure better. 1, it is noted that different speech parameters are obtained from different properties of speech. Therefore, it seems natural to have different speech enhancement pre-processors to accurately extract these different parameters, Fig.

5, where signal with large values of γk are attenuated more). This over-attenuation is all the more important as ξk is small. Thus, values of the spectrum higher than the average noise-level are “pulled down”. This feature is particularly important where the background noise is highly non-stationary. The use of EMSR avoids musical noise whenever noise exceeds its average statistics. B. Residual Noise Level. Despite the smoothing performed by the decision-directed method, there are some 2 Speech Enhancement 32 irregularities that might generate low-level perceptible musical noise.

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