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Is the Bible choked with made-up tales or is there facts for the folk, the areas, the customs, and occasions pointed out in Scripture? In 50 Proofs for the previous Testament you will discover reliable proof that helps the trustworthiness of outdated testomony Scripture.

50 Proofs for the outdated Testament comprises vital unearths such as:

• record of Sumerian kings, exhibiting who governed sooner than and after the nice Flood

• Nuzi pills show customs and tales just like these present in Genesis 15-31

• domestic of the Patriarchs: Abraham's great-grandfather, grandfather, Serug and Nahor from Genesis 11

• Canaanite gods and goddesses warned approximately in Numbers 25, I Kings eleven, Jeremiah 23, and Hosea 13

• Megiddo (Armageddon), urban of War

• Shishak's invasion list courting to c. seven-hundred BC

• Gibeah, King Saul's captial

A spouse piece to 50 Proofs for the previous Testament is 50 Proofs for the recent Testament which...

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Ezra, Isaiah Archaeological Find 49. Susa, Royal City of Queen Esther Located in modern Iran, Susa’s ruins have been excavated by several teams during the last century. The most impressive find has been the remains of the elegant royal palace built mainly by Darius (522-486 BC). The book of Esther is set in Susa later. Description of the Find Susa (“Shushan” in Hebrew) was one of three royal cities during the reign of King Cyrus of Persia. Xerxes and Artaxerxes carried on the building of the palace complex.

This destroyed the Assyrians and paved the way for the Babylonians to conquer much of the biblical world, including the kingdom of Judah. Importance of the Find In 586 BC, the Babylonians stormed Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple. Jeremiah 46 and 2 Chronicles 35-36 speak of the prophecies and circumstances leading up to the Battle of Carchemish, and the devastating chain of events that followed. , Jeremiah Archaeological Find 45. The Lachish Letters In 1935 an archaeologist unearthed several letters, written about 588 BC, on 21 pottery pieces (ostraca) from among the burned ruins of the ancient city of Lachish of Judah.

The Bible tells how they were used. One was in the Tabernacle. The LORD told Moses to make an acacia-wood horned altar five cubits long, five cubits broad, and three cubits high with the horns of it at the four corners and overlaid with brass (Exodus 27:2; 1 Kings 1:50). Book(s) of the Bible Exodus, 1 Kings Archaeological Find 12. Merneptah (Merenptah) Stele (also called The Israel Stele) The hieroglyphic text of the stele made in Egypt describes the victories of Pharaoh Merneptah around 1230 BC over the Libyans and people of Palestine.

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