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For more suggestions on treating religious sources as literary texts, refer to our handouts on writing about literature and poetry explications. Religious therapy resulted in significantly faster recovery from depression when compared with standard secular cognitive-behavioral therapy. Rebecca took a course in “Religions of Classical Mythology” taught by her mentor Janet McDaniel in the FIU Honors College. HU RP RLST 149b / HIST 220b / JDST 201b, Introduction to Modern Jewish History David Sorkin A broad introduction to the history of Jewish culture from the late Middle Ages until the present.

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Law and Religion (International Library of Essays in Law and Legal Theory)

Wayward Christian Soldiers: Freeing the Gospel from Political Captivity

Faith in the Halls of Power: How Evangelicals Joined the American Elite

Luther and the Modern State in Germany (Sixteenth-Century Essays & Studies)

A detailed survey of the sacred scriptures of Christianity in light of recent archaeological discoveries and historical research about their Greco-Roman and Jewish background. (Cross-listed with HIST). (3-0) Cr. 3 online. These may be REL 2011 or any upper division courses (3000 or 4000 level). Students are encouraged to take REL 3308, Studies in World Religions, as one of these courses Meeting the Ideological Challenge of Islamism: How to combat modern radical Islam. Girard) First Kindergarten opens in Boston. Morehouse College and Howard University are founded. Both schools are to help ex-slaves become teachers and preachers. Supreme Court rules that America “is a religious people.. .. this is a Christian nation” as such it is fitting that its people would teach their children the Christian faith. (The Trinity Case) Pledge of Allegiance is written for school children to recite at school epub. In consequence, the Church "is not bound to any particular form of human culture, or to any political, economic, or social system" (loc. cit.) online. A philosophical survey of approaches to understanding gender and gender differences. The course will also serve as an introduction to feminist philosophy, with a particular emphasis on feminist ethics. Prerequisites: Junior standing and three semester hours in philosophy, or permission of the instructor. A study of influential contemporary movements in European philosophy When Religion Becomes Lethal: The Explosive Mix of Politics and Religion in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Sophia or Mētēr is in the doctrine of Valentinus the last, i.e. the thirtieth Aeon in the Pleroma, from which having fallen out, she now in remembrance of the better world which she has thus forsaken, gives birth to the Christus "with a shadow" (meta skias tinos). While Christus returns to the Pleroma, Sophia forms the Demiurge and this whole lower world out of the skia, a right and a left principle.[55] For her redemption comes down to Sophia either Christus himself,[56] or the Soter,[57] as the common product of the Aeons, in order to bring her back to the Pleroma and unite her again with her syzygos Scaramouche online.

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Many faculty hold associate appointments in other departments and schools of the University; such associations are encouraged The Nation State and Religion: The Resurgence of Faith (Contemporary Challenges to the Nation State: Global and Israeli Perspectives). New Master of Arts in Spirituality, Culture and Health We have a new online Master of Arts in Spirituality, Culture and Health beginning in the fall of 2016 and offered online! This unique program addresses cultural competence and humility, world cultures and religions, theory and method in religious studies, and the study of religion and health Religion, Torture and the Liberation of God (Religion and Violence). All of these rights, however, must not supersede the security considerations of the institution. Many of the leading court cases that provide current guidelines for the practice of religion in American prisons were decided during the 1960's and 1970's Can America Survive?: 10 Prophetic Signs That We Are the Terminal Generation. The cultural and personal insight that graduates of online religion programs could gain may inspire careers that lead to positive change in the world... something we could all use more of. What are we talking about when we talk about religion? There are a multitude of answers to that question, and this course provides students with an entry way into a longstanding conversation—involving insiders, outsiders, and those in between—around the meanings of a word that indexes ideas of god and the gods, of origins and ends, and of the proper places of humans (and everything else, including animals) above, in, and below the globe The Future of Islam.

Akashic Records: 15 Things You Must Know

The Rights of God: Islam, Human Rights, and Comparative Ethics (Advancing Human Rights series)

In the Whirlwind of Jihad

Field Hospital: The Church's Engagement with a Wounded World

Students may select Religious Studies as either their coordinating discipline or co-discipline. The coordinating discipline is the principal field of study, while the co-discipline is the secondary complementary field download. The term Chaplain is believed to be derived from the Latin term “capella” meaning a cloak. In the Fourth Century the modern meaning developed from a story told about a soldier named Martin who shared his cloak with a beggar With God On Our Side. Assess the fit of a program by investigating: You can also narrow down your list using an automated school matching system and gathering more information via the school's Web site Time Warps: Silent and Evasive Pasts in Indian Politics and Religion. The problem with studying the effects of intercessory prayer is isolating and controlling the right variables. Researchers need to know who prays, how often, and for how long. Perhaps a better way to do research on the efficacy of prayer would be to determine its effect on the practitioner, who may benefit from written prayers (see Bennett above) or meditation, which is known to reduce stress and improve health outcomes What About Same Sex Marriage and Another Look At Religion: PseudoReligion/PseudoTheology. The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is a professional degree used to prepare for work as a pastor, chaplain, or missionary in full-time ministry service. These degrees take three to five years to complete, depending on the pacing of the program. Graduates of these programs know how to provide spiritual guidance, interpret religious texts, and respond to current topics from a spiritual perspective Meeting the Ideological Challenge of Islamism: How to combat modern radical Islam. Deadline: Applications received by January 15, 2016 will be given full consideration. The Peace and Conflict Studies Program invites applications for a two year Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow appointment in Peace and Conflict Studies with affiliation in one of the following departments: Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science and/or Religious Studies beginning Fall 2016 Thumpin' It: The Use and Abuse of the Bible in Today's Presidential Politics. Yahoo Search Site -- a number of good links about the role of religion in public schools. The Evolution Debate -- a collection of articles on this topic that have been published recently in the NYTimes. Pennsylvania School Officials and Science Groups Split Over Biology Curriculum -- an article about the decision by the Dover, PA school board to require the teaching of "intelligent design" in biology classes online.

God in the Corridors of Power: Christian Conservatives, the Media, and Politics in America

Dying for Faith: Religiously Motivated Violence in the Contemporary World (Library of Modern Religion)

Everyday Lived Islam in Europe (Ashgate AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Series)

Parliament And The Church Of England

God's Top 10: Blowing the Lid Off the Commandments

The Lovely Bible and the Ugly in Nationalism

Global Religious Movements Across Borders: Sacred Service (Routledge Inform Series on Minority Religions and Spiritual Movements)

The Disclosure of Politics: Struggles Over the Semantics of Secularization (New Directions in Critical Theory)

Women and the Contested State: Religion, Violence, and Agency in South and Southeast Asia (Kroc Inst Religion Conflict & Peacebldg)

Silenced: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes are Choking Freedom Worldwide

Peace Be with You: Monastic Wisdom for a Terror-Filled World

Suppose that Lisa Appleby, a bright electrical engineering student, devises a "black box" which when attached to her telephone allows her to make long distance calls from her home in such a way that neither she nor anyone else is billed for them. She wonders whether it would be morally right to use her invention in this way. Consider how Kant would address her question and how he would support his position pdf. Beattie's increasing influence upon the liberal religious movement in the United States was evident when he became minister of All Souls Unitarian Church in Indianapolis from 1969 until 1982 and of the First Unitarian Church in Pittsburgh between 1982 and 1989 download. Quinn uses the examples of tribal cultures as the basis for this new society download Scaramouche pdf. Engagements with theories of sovereignty, violence, the state, migration, slavery, and plantation labor epub. Are committees not allowed to have someone particular in mind? Do you think the hiring is any different in other professions, say, law, business, any other industry or profession on earth? Do you think law firms don't give preference to somebody or other's friend or wife or daughter? Clearly, you have never actually been dehumanized if this falls under that category for you Islam in World Politics. Investigates Confucianism as the dominant religio-philosophical tradition of China and its impact on Korea and Japan pdf. Homily Service contains Revised Common Lectionary, and Episcopal and Roman Catholic lectionary readings." As a result, productivity grew, which led to increased profits and enabled employers to pay higher wages Swimming Upstream: Finding Positives in a Negative Ireland. The academic study of religion and specific religious traditions includes the study of the history and ethnography of religions, the social scientific study of diverse religious practices and institutions, the critical study of religious texts, and philosophical issues in the study of religion download. As Max Muller once said: “If you know one religion you know none.” You need to know another religion to see your own religion (or non-religion) in a fuller light. And here’s another reason: If you know nothing about Islam how can you understand the news of the world? If you know nothing about American Evangelicalism, how can you understand American politics online? Mark’s College, the Catholic Theological College affiliated with the University of British Columbia. Daemen College invites applications for tenure- track position in the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at the Assistant Professor Rank pdf. Ralph Clark Chandler; Director, School of Public Affairs and Admin, W The Battle Over the Meaning of Everything: Evolution, Intelligent Design, and a School Board in Dover, PA. Offers links to several resources for teaching religious studies, including links for the general study of religions and links to materials on specific religions epub. More. : In older world religion books the estimates of the total number of adherents of Confucianism range up to 350 million. Other books, including older versions of the Encyclopedia Britannica, have listed Chinese religionists under "Taoism," with adherent estimates up to about 200 million download.