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The Cultural Anthropology Program participates in this NSF-wide activity offering prestigious awards in support of the early development of academic faculty as both educators and researchers. Grand Ave, Suite 6D, Sherman, Texas 75090-4400. Austin College, an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse faculty, staff and student body, welcomes all applicants. GENDER EGALITARIANISM Gender egalitarianism, as...

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The Lineaments of Wrath: Race, Violent Crime, and American Culture

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Rogue Flows: Trans-Asian Cultural Traffic

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Strategies in Teaching Anthropology

There is perhaps no single field of study that can better prepare students to cope with the challenges of the 21st century than anthropology. Confronted with increasing global population, rapid technological change, rising tides of nationalism, and economic globalization, many look to the future with uncertainty. Anthropology provides understanding and answers based on a century of exploring the development of human nature, society, and culture Slavery in the Caribbean Francophone World: Distant Voices, Forgotten Acts, Forged Identities. A comparative perspective to explore recent radical reinterpretations of the cognitive abilities of different primate species, including humans and their implications for the construction of evolutionary scenarios pdf. The amount of time In contrast to foragers of temperate climates, those liv- ing in the circumpolar regions of North America, Europe, needed to construct and maintain igloos or log houses. intensive in terms of making and maintaining. ular people) depends mainly on gender and age. Among irregular part of the diets of temperate-climate foragers. fish provide a significant part of the diet, require more fore, the gender division of labour is marked. standing theoretical debate in anthropology online. Frazer’s model of the evolution of belief systems posited that magic, the most primitive stage, is replaced by religion in early civilizations which in turn is replaced by science in advanced civilizations. These models of cultural evolution were unilinear (following one path), simplistic, often based on little evidence, and ethnocentric in that they always placed European culture at the apex online. Because the word kosmos can mean ‘order’ as well as ‘world of order’, in Greek thought microcosm can signify not only humans in relation to the universe, but also any part of a thing, especially a living thing that reflects or represents the whole it belongs to (Guthrie 1962). In anthropology, Hocart was an early theorist who sought to elaborate this point download.

Download Russian Intellectual Culture in Transition: The Future in the Past (TRANS anthropologische texte / TRANS anthropological texts) (v. 2) pdf

Video/C 3429 The King Does Not Lie: the Initiation of a Priest of Shango Documentary showing the ritual and ceremony associated with the initiation of a priest of Shango, the Thundergod of the traditional Yoruba religion. Takes place in a contemporary Puerto Rican community among New World practitioners of the ancient religion, Santeria. c1992. 44 min Russian Intellectual Culture in Transition: The Future in the Past (TRANS anthropologische texte / TRANS anthropological texts) (v. 2) online. Emerging from the international conference of the same name organized by the RAI at the British Museum in 2014, the series will highlight and make available to the widest possible audience the best new work in the field online. Weiner’s well as how they are linked to those of men. Building on the work of her predecessor, Weiner shows how a full well-stocked medical kit is essential. Research equipment and supplies are other important aspects of preparation. computers are becoming basic field equipment, reflecting of the simple notebook and pen. If a researcher is unfamiliar with the local language, anywhere in the anthropologist’s home country, intensive try where the research will be done pdf.

The Prehistory of Sex; Four Million Years of Human Sexual Culture

Demonstrates the vital significance of cattle and their central importance in all Nuer thought and behavior. Includes extensive use of Nuer music and poetry. Produced by Hilary Harris, George Bridenbach and Robert Gardner. 1971. 75 min. DVD 5495; vhs Video/C 3398 Documents a formalized Bushman curing ceremony in the Kalahari Desert area of South West Africa by showing an all-night n/um tchai (medicine dance) in which a number of men go into trance and exercise special curing powers epub. DVD 9155 [preservation copy]; Video/C MM762 In the highlands of south Sulawesi, Indonesia, live the Toraja people. They have their own religion, called Aluk to Dolo ('Way of the Ancestors'), or simply Aluka ('Our Way'). The Dutch colonised Tana Toraja in 1906 and introduced the Dutch Reformed Church download Russian Intellectual Culture in Transition: The Future in the Past (TRANS anthropologische texte / TRANS anthropological texts) (v. 2) pdf. Traditions considered include structuralism, symbolic anthropology, and linguistic/semiotic anthropology (applied beyond language alone). This course examines structures of interaction between tourists and communities they visit. Topics addressed include authenticity, commodification, primitivism, photography, travel writing, television, stereotypes that tourists and visited peoples hold about each other, and tourism’s links to sociocultural conditions of modernity download. For example in the United States, the Harvard School of Public Health has carried out a study of social reactions to proposals for the fluoridation of water supplies. In Britain an anthropologist has been included in a team studying the epidemiology of mental disease in South Wales Bushido. After recording an Italian-American religious festival in Boston's North End with her camcorder, Beth Harrington's neighbors tell her they see a miracle on the videotape: a statue of the Virgin Mary blinking its eyes The Quest for Autonomy in Acadia (Études canadiennes - Canadian Studies).

Appetites: Food and Sex in Post-Socialist China (Body, Commodity, Text)

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Studyguide for Introducing Cultural Anthropology by Lenkeit, Roberta, ISBN 9780077433024

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Communicating Christ in Animistic Contexts. The Living Christ and Dying Heathenism: The Experiences of a Missionary in Animistic Heathendom. First Fieldwork: The Misadventures of an Anthropologist. An Introduction to the Study of African Culture. Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology, including many of the Principal Conceptions of Ethics, Logic, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Religion, Mental Pathology, Anthropology,. . Origins of the Sacred: The Ecstasies of Love and War. Course goal is to develop skill in understanding the influence, direct and indirect, of culture and behavior. Prerequisites: graduate standing. (Formerly known as ANGR 234.) Recent decades have witnessed the dramatic rise of religious movements worldwide, posing challenges to secular models of modernity Bushido. Anthropologists often study dis-empowered and under-served populations, and handing the keys to those cultures to people with lots of pull, and widgets to sell, is a tough ethical decision Saviors or Sellouts: The Promise and Peril of Black Conservatism, from Booker T. Washington to Condoleezza Rice. DVD 8637 While all cultures exhibit some religious practices andbeliefs, the forms taken are diverse. The animism practiced by American Indians, the mixture of ancient religion and Roman Catholicism among the Highland Maya, the ritual of Eka Dasa Rudra among the Balinese and successful and unsuccessful modern movements serve to illustrate the thesis. c1983. 30 min epub. At UNCW, we offer an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, with three possible concentrations: cultural anthropology, physical/biological anthropology, and archaeology Strangers in This Land: Pluralism and the Response to Diversity in the United States. The opposition between materiality and ideology structures our practice as social scientists and as neoliberal citizens. This course explores the underpinnings of this division, its current manifestations, and attempts to trouble it analytically, methodologically, and politically Language, Education and Culture (Oxford Pakistan paperbacks). That was usually a bad sign, and a quick search revealed that indeed, Hermione's shoes were missing. She heaved an exasperated sigh and donned the rest of her uniform before starting to search for her shoes online. During this period, you will also start with your Field Research Design. During period 3 and 4, you will engage in a three month field research project of your own. This project will prepare you for doctoral research or anthropological work in various applied fields of expertise outside the university epub. More information about the professions of anthropology and archaeology is available from the current Occupational Outlook Handbook from the U. Bob O'Boyle explains how Public Anthropology's Community Action Website works and guides you through registration as well as the first week of the actual project Baba Yaga: The Ambiguous Mother and Witch of the Russian Folktale (International Folkloristics). Course Goals: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to do the following: demonstrate knowledge of the different ways that human groups maintain systems of belief, behavior, thought, custom, and material culture; describe how anthropologists define and study human cultures; discuss the artistic and musical systems of societies other than one’s own; explain culture as a continually changing, comprehensive life style; and implement an enhanced cultural competency and sensitivity in one’s workplace and other social settings Races on Display: French Representations of Colonized Peoples, 1886-1940.