Lesson Plan #2: The Joy Luck Club

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Create a futuristic insect specimen using clay, discarded metal pieces, and wire. NOTES: If any parents want to donate old costumes that your children can no longer fit our classroom will be glad to accept. Drama provides a means to get everyone in your ESL class actively involved in second language learning. This requires more of a "stand-off" approach to teaching. This activity from GLSEN will hopefully encourage you to learn more about LGBT people from different backgrounds.

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Collect and recycle product wrappers for a "green" art project worthy of good-citizen attention! Students save and trade wrappers to make a paper background, then choose words and phrases related to their "rapper" collage and cut them from thin foam to create a printing plate. "Rapper" Art is an easy process for making posters, book covers and signs in multiples My Brother Sam Is Dead Puzzle Pack - Teacher Lesson Plans, Activities, Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Games, and Worksheets (Paperback). In the 1960’s, Frank Stella became known for his minimal geometric paintings of concentric squares that used color to create visual movement download. From the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. This 8-module, middle school social studies curriculum is a compilation of primary resources--documents, maps, newspaper articles, oral histories or photographs--from which students are be asked to gather, examine, and analyze information, and synthesize insights Lesson Plans for Character Education, Secondary Edition. It’s easy enough for kindergartners, but fun for 2nd grade. Teach students how to outline using Word’s ridiculously simple outline tools (bullet list, tab and shift+tab). They can use any class textbook or notes. Help them to get started, and then let them figure it out themselves epub. Collaborate with a classroom unit of inquiry when finding websites with specific extensions Use Word’s diagrams to display an idea in a picture format. Between grades 2-5, I use the pyramid, the arrows, the org chart, spokes and wheel, and the target. Once the data is filled in, show students how to format and add word art if necessary Pick a topic in collaboration with the classroom units of inquiry Lesson Plan #3: A Doll's House. Understanding Science ..."funded by the National Science Foundation, [it] is a great site for gaining a better understanding of all kinds of science." - Choice University of Colorado has 49 interactive physics simulations: PhET (Physics Education Technology) Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics Environmental Education ...looking for ways to implement state and national standards Maximum Middle School Physical Education?

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Your students will have fun while building important P. E. skills and learning how to run safely and effectively." Elementary school kids are accustomed to activities based on short bursts of energy alternating with rest. Introduce them to the idea of pacing by exploring the basic concepts first. Pacing is a tough concept for kids this age so have fun exploring it with them without being concerned that they achieve command of the skills The Contender LitPlan - A Novel Unit Teacher Guide With Daily Lesson Plans (Paperback). How will students know what they are learning Mastery Teaching Skills: A Resource for Implementing the Common Core State Standards? Within this composition, you will see a number of layers that make up the animation download. Having measureable outcomes is also beneficial for students, as they know ahead of time exactly what they need to do in a class or course and lets the guide their own learning in that direction McDougal Littell World Geography Washington: Lesson Plans Grades 9-12. One means by which fossils are formed is "carbonization". Over time, compression and heat remove the elements from plants and leave a detailed carbon impression behind. Glass fusion can demonstrate this process in just a few hours. Students will design and sculpt a dimensional piece of artwork, creating a variety of textures, lines and depths epub.

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Included: Five mysterious lessons -- focused on language arts, history, and forensic science -- to ignite critical thinking and spark interest in reading download. Many experienced teachers often reduce lesson plans to a mental map or short outline. New teachers, however, usually find detailed lesson plans to be indispensable. Learn to write good lesson plans - it is a skill that will serve you well as a teacher. If you're really serious, become proficient in writing effective learning objectives Library Information Skills and the High School English Program, 2nd Edition (Library and Information Problem-Solving Skills Series). Hand-altering photos is a practice nearly as old as photography itself. Here are some new ideas for embellishing digital prints, featuring Blick Studio Art Markers and Scratch-Art Tools. Make a distinctive batik masterpiece on paper using ink crystals and simple resist. By making a batik composition on paper, the ancient method is taught without the vats of dye and pans of melted wax online! Below is a small selection of sample lesson plans and other resources from a few of the units in the High School PE Manual: Help your English language learners understand the role that Columbus played in American history with this thematic unit for Columbus Day. Help your ESL students obtain new heights in English language learning through this dynamic unit on kites read Lesson Plan #2: The Joy Luck Club online. TEKS: Economics with Emphasis on the Free Enterprise System and Its Benefits; History; Social Studies Dedicated to providing teachers, students, and the public with quality materials to enhance the understanding about the economy and the Fed’s role Edc/Hre: Taking Part in Democracy - Lesson Plans for Upper Secondary Level on Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (2010). It's a great way to recycle materials or use up scrap paper, and your students will learn about repeating patterns and design rhythm as they place each tube of paper on a piece of self-adhesive film. There's more to "deconstructing" a book than just altering the pages. In this project, deconstructing means changing the object from a book to a sculpture download.

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These lessons will offer young singers and players an opportunity to listen to, discuss, sing, play games, and create. Discover the island cultures of the South Pacific and their musical expressions with songs, crafts, and games online. During World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt delivered a State of the Union speech in which he spoke of four basic freedoms he dreamed of being available to everyone in the world epub. This lesson is an invitation to look at the history and meaning behind patterns and view the work of a contemporary Iranian artist. Students design and assemble a reflective mosaic pattern using metallic papers on adhesive film. One of the many rich crafts produced within the Native American culture is a "fetish," or story necklace, designed to illustrate history and legend with carved creatures representing spirits, animals or ancestors Lesson Plan #2: Of Mice and Men. High school and college teachers and students can explore themes around "Children of the Atomic Bomb." Combine a fired clay pot with reeds and other materials like twine, lanyard material, wire or yarn to create a sculptural vessel that fuses two ancient traditions Lesson Plan #4: Shane! Collaborative approaches to teaching enrich the classroom environment for both students and educators. By enabling teachers to approach their subjects from a variety of perspectives, collaborative lesson planning helps make the classroom interdisciplinary and equips teachers to pull class content from a broader range of material and ideas Lesson Plans for Dynamic Physical Education for Secondary School Students (3rd Edition). Next, let them know that you will be helping them to produce and execute a local weather forecast for your video production class. There are a variety of types of weather forecasts that you could produce with your students online. With time, many teachers start to notice that they don’t “need” a theme any more. They still plan strong program, but it is not guided by a set theme per se. Instead, they begin to be directed by their observations of the children in their care online. Educators use these materials to teach subjects as varied as language arts, environmental education, and international economics. Teacher-tested lesson plans are organized by grade range (3-5, 6-9, 10-12), geographic region, topic, and publication title. Topics include Cross-cultural Understanding, Environmental Studies, Reading and Writing, Service Learning, and Social Studies Developing Essential Literacy Skills: A Continuum of Lessons for Grades K-3. It can be done in a center or at the student desk. Create an Independent activity that reinforces the skills of the Teacher Directed Lesson and the Computer Center lesson Lesson Planning For Effective Learning. A collagraph printing plate is created on a canvas panel using textures found in the classroom, textured gel mediums, or even textures from nature Lesson Plan #4: The Giver! Copyright: Yes is illegal to simply copy text from our web site or any other and put into your report download Lesson Plan #2: The Joy Luck Club pdf. License plates have numbers, letters, a state, and sometimes pictures. Make 10-12 little license plates…these can all be printed on one sheet of paper Etiquette for the Socially Savvy Teen Lesson Plans: Interpersonal Skills and Confidence Building. Titles that appear in bold represent the best of the " Share the Knowle. The Teacher Handbook series for preschool to grade 5 consists of the Teacher. Free TEENgarten Lesson Plans With Common Core - Invitation Templates. Creative curriculum lesson plans are an answer to the demand for ensuring that blank preschool. From our extensive experience working with schools, we know that the most successful Core Knowledge schools have well-documented curriculum download.